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Do you feel intuitively pulled to work more DEEPLY with your stones?

To grow your confidence, knowledge & connection to crystal energy BEYOND what you can learn on your own?

Whether you’re new to crystals or you've been working with your stones for some time...

Our CCH Program & Advanced Crystal Practitioner Training will take you from a crystal newbie to a confident Certified Crystal Healer!

So how does it work?

Enrollment for our award-winning crystal programs opens only twice per year.

This intensive crystal immersion experience is led by Ashley Leavy – a best-selling author, speaker & international crystal healing instructor.

Learn both the science AND metaphysics of crystals and stones
Discover how to trust your intuition with practical intuitive development techniques
Gain the confidence to heal yourself and others with crystals through accredited and high-quality classes
Connect with an amazing global community of more than 4,000+ heart-centered crystal lovers

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Fill the gaps in your crystal knowledge

“Wow Ashley, Class 2 is mind blowing… you have helped me so much in reinforcing my confidence. You are putting together all the missing pieces of the puzzle and what I’ve been questioning for so long.”

– Samady Medina, CCH Program Student

Grow your crystal confidence

“Basking in the afterglow of becoming a Certified Crystal Healer! Ashley, words cannot express how fantastic your program is. My life is forever changed!”
– Dedi Herold Boyer, CCH Program Graduate

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Crystal Healing School

Award-Winning Classes

The Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy was voted “Best Spiritual Course/Workshop Provider” in the Soul & Spirit Magazine awards not once, but twice! Ashley also won “Best Loved Crystal Expert”.

Internationally Accredited

We’re accredited by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM),  the largest internationally recognized & trusted accreditation board for training providers worldwide.

By choosing to study with us, you can trust that this course meets the highest standards for excellence and integrity.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s what the world’s leading crystal experts have to say…

“Ashley Leavy has emerged as one of the top educators in the world of crystal healing. Her teaching style is simple and down-to-earth. Ashley puts her heart into her work, and her sincere love of the mineral kingdom always shines through.”

~ Nicholas Pearson, author of multiple best selling books including ‘The Seven Archetypal Stones’ & ‘Stones of the Goddess’.
“Ashley is a powerhouse of bubbling crystalline energy, spreading the word across the world. She has reached out and helped so many with her online courses.”
– Philip Permutt, Author of The Crystal Healer
“The connection with Ashley and the Love Light School community was instant. When you talk to like-minded souls magic happens. If you are looking for a place where you can explore spirituality, new age wisdom, and build a conscious community – then this is it.”
~ Emma Mildon, Best selling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Evolution of Goddess

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These training modules help you pull together all of your crystal wisdom and find deeper understanding about your Life Path & Soul Journey with your stones.

Meet Your Instructor
Ashley Leavy

Ashley is a best selling author & award-winning crystal healing instructor, with more than 15 years of professional work with crystals.

She teaches and certifies thousands of students around the world each year and was voted ‘Most Popular Crystal Expert’ by Soul & Spirit Magazine.

“It’s my joy and privilege to invite you to join me in the CCH Program, where together we can uncover your Soul Calling with crystals. I look forward to seeing what unfolds for you through this transformational experience.”

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Your Soul Path Awaits...

You can become a confident, knowledgeable & intuitive crystal expert with our Crystal Healing Certification Program and Advanced Practitioner Training!

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“Worth every truly changed my life!"

“This program was honestly worth every penny! Best decision I’ve ever made, it truly changed my life! I would recommend this to anyone who is a believer in the power of crystals.”

~ Kara McIvor, CCH Program Graduate

Learn more with professional, high-quality classes

“I am blown away by how much I LOVE IT! The videos are professionally prepared and easy to follow…I feel like I have a degree in Geology after finishing the first class! Absolutely a 10.”
Jody Ben-David Baron, CCH Program Student


Your information is 100% confidential. Read our Privacy Policy here.

Understanding the Science of Crystals

Knowing HOW crystals work scientifically (we’re talking physics, geology, and more) will give you the foundation to understand the healing energy of crystals and will set the groundwork for your crystal healing practice.

The Metaphysics of Crystal Healing

In this class you’ll learn how crystals work on an energetic & holistic level to heal the mind, body, and spirit. We’ll also cover foundational principles of crystal work like cleansing, charging, programming, crystal shapes, color, and more.

Tuning Into Subtle Energy

A good crystal healer needs to understand crystal energy and how it interacts with the human energy field, so whether you’re a super-sensitive empath who senses energy in everything, or you haven’t had much experience yet with sensing energy, you’ll learn how to tune into your stones intuitively.

Developing Your Intuition With Crystals

As a healer, you’ll need to learn to rely on your own intuition for layouts, grids, and other work with crystals, and this class will empower you to get started! I’ll teach you several different ways to deepen your connection to your intuition and how to trust it fully.

Crystal Chakra Healing

Chakra healing and balancing is one of the most in-demand services for crystal healing professionals! In this class, you’ll learn the basics of chakra energy as well as specific techniques for balancing the chakra system with gemstones.

Crystal Healing Layout For The Body

You’ll learn about the relationship between the physical and energetic bodies as well as aura healing and repair. This class will cover the ancient art of crystal layouts, expanding upon the step-by-step techniques taught throughout the program so far.

Crystal Healing Layout For The Mind

Clients often request crystal healing & support for emotional issues such a cord clearing, forgiveness, emotional release and more. In addition to layouts, you’ll also learn meditation techniques and additional exercises for emotional healing.

Crystal Healing Layout For The Spirit

In this class I’ll teach you how to work with crystals to promote enlightenment and spiritual growth for yourself and your clients, how to connect with spirit guides and higher consciousness, how to work with crystals in meditation, and more.

Creating Crystal Grids

Harnessing the power of crystal grids is one of the most powerful techniques for using crystals and stones. The use of crystal grids is continuously growing in popularity. Clients will often request the help of a trained professional in creating their own grids at home.

Becoming A Confident Crystal Healer

In this class, we’ll dive deep into how to perform crystal healing sessions on others with ease and confidence! I’ll teach you everything you need to know about setting up a crystal healing practice, including ethics & safety, creating your healing arts room, and how to successfully run a healing session. You’ll learn about how to prepare for a session, the healer’s role in any type of healing work, setting client boundaries, how to feel comfortable and confident charging for your sessions, client follow-up, and so much more. We’ll also discuss disability and accessibility in crystal healing, for both clients and practitioners.

Your Personal Crystal Journey

You’ll take a spiritual journey of pause & healing while you learn how to keep your personal connection to your crystals front and center along your path. In this class, you’ll create a personalized healing mandala to resonate with your own energies and the events of your own life — where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

The History of Crystal Healing

Learning the many ways crystals and stones have been used throughout time will help you conceptualize the importance of your healing journey. We’ll cover crystals legends & lore, prominent figures in crystal healing, and more.

Advanced Chakra Healing Techniques

Master your chakra healing and set your services apart with innovative and cutting edge chakra balancing, clearing, & activation techniques. I’ll teach you how to personalize your chakra healing sessions by tapping into the power of crystal systems and sacred geometry.

Distance Crystal Healing

I’ll teach you how to perform distance healing sessions with layouts, grids, and more; as well as how to send energy over long distances that your clients will feel and benefit from, even from the other side of the globe!

Your Crystalline Body

Did you know you are a human crystal? We’ll discuss anatomy & physiology, the function of the body’s essential minerals, and how crystals can help restore balance and promote wellness.

Gem Waters & Crystal Elixirs

Gem Waters & Crystal Elixirs allow healers to create potent crystal energy-infused tinctures for themselves and their clients. Using these essences over time can promote the continued healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Supercharging Your Intuition With Crystals

In this class, you’ll learn to supercharge your intuitive development by honing in on your natural clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and more. You’ll learn how to use crystals to develop mediumship, channeling, and seership as well.

The Master Formations of Quartz

The unique formations of Quartz crystals, the master crystal, have been noted by crystal healers and teachers for decades for their healing abilities. They are each thought to have their own inherent energetic qualities, in addition to those of the Quartz crystal itself.

Crystal Healing For Animals & The Environment

In this class, you’ll learn techniques that can help with a variety of physical and emotional issues in pets. You’ll learn to combine specific crystal types with proper placements to balance your pet’s energy field. Although cats and dogs will be the primary focus of this class, these techniques can be applied to any animal.

Past Life & Karmic Healing With Crystals

Your past life experiences and karmic attachments can have a profound impact on how you both send and receive healing energy in your current incarnation. When you’re able to release attachments and contracts through all time, space, and dimensions, you can be sure that you’re serving your clients with your most pure self.

Crystals & Other Healing Arts Modalities

You’ll learn about some of the hottest wellness practices and exactly how you can incorporate crystal healing with those modalities. We’ll cover how to combine crystals with yoga, life coaching, ayurveda, aromatherapy, Reiki, sound therapy, intuitive readings, herbs, reflexology, massage, and SO much more!

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Understanding the Science of Crystals

Knowing HOW crystals work scientifically (we’re talking physics, geology, and more) will give you the foundation to understand the healing energy of crystals and will set the groundwork for your crystal healing practice.