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This 11 week, intensive crystal immersion experience is for crystal lovers & wellness professionals who want to deepen their crystal knowledge and healing abilities.

The online course is led by crystal expert Ashley Leavy – a best-selling author, speaker & international crystal healing instructor.

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Discover how to trust your intuition with practical intuitive development techniques, and follow your inner crystal compass to find your own answers on your crystal path

Learn both the science AND metaphysics of crystals and stones, to grow both your knowledge and spiritual practice together

Connect with an amazing global community of more than 3,000+ heart-centered crystal lovers and spiritual entrepreneurs for friendship and soul connections

Gain the confidence to heal yourself and others with crystals, through accredited and high-quality classes and resources you can trust

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Fill the gaps in your crystal knowledge

“Wow Ashley, Class 2 is mind blowing… you have helped me so much in reinforcing my confidence. You are putting together all the missing pieces of the puzzle and what I’ve been questioning for so long.”

– Samady Medina, CCH Program Student

Change your life, with crystals

“Basking in the afterglow of becoming a Certified Crystal Healer! Ashley, words cannot express how fantastic your program is. My life is forever changed!

– Dedi Herold Boyer, CCH Program Graduate

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Award-Winning Classes

The Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy was voted “Best Spiritual Course/Workshop Provider” in the Soul & Spirit Magazine awards not once, but twice in 2016 & 2018. Ashley also won “Best Loved Crystal Expert” in 2018.

The Soul & Spirit Awards are well established as a genuine and true mark of quality and recognition within the spirit industry.

Internationally Accredited Curriculum

We’re fully accredited by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), one of the largest internationally recognized and trusted independent accreditation boards for complementary and natural therapists and training providers worldwide.

By choosing to study with Love & Light, you can trust that this course has been independently reviewed and endorsed, and meets the highest standards for excellence, integrity and accountability.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what the world’s leading crystal experts are saying about us…

Ashley Leavy has emerged as one of the top educators in the world of crystal healing. Her methodology is sound, and her teaching style is simple and down-to-earth. Ashley puts her heart into her work, and her sincere love of the mineral kingdom always shines through.”

~ Nicholas Pearson, author of multiple best selling books including ‘The Seven Archetypal Stones’ & ‘Stones of the Goddess’.

“The connection with Ashley and the Love Light School community was instant. When you talk to like-minded souls magic happens. If you are looking for a place where you can explore spirituality, new age wisdom, and build a conscious community – then this is it.

~ Emma Mildon, Best selling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Evolution of Goddess

Ashley is a powerhouse of bubbling crystalline energy, spreading the word across the world. There are very few people in the crystal world who genuinely cross the pond but Ashley as reached out and helped so many with her online courses.”

– Philip Permutt, Author of The Crystal Healer

Here's What You'll Learn In Each Class

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Class 1 - Understanding the Science of Crystals

Knowing HOW crystals work scientifically (we’re talking physics, geology, and more) will give you the foundation to understand the healing energy of crystals and will set the groundwork for your crystal healing practice. Having this knowledge will set you up for success so you can feel comfortable sharing your crystal knowledge rooted in both physics and metaphysics. After taking this class you’ll be able to easily explain the science of crystals to your inquiring friends, family, and clients. This new found crystal knowledge will give you a huge boost in confidence so you can walk fearlessly on your new crystal healing path!


Class 2 - The Metaphysics of Crystal Healing

After you’ve mastered the scientific groundwork of crystal healing, you’ll be ready to move onto the spiritual aspect of healing stones. A complete understanding of crystals can’t rely on a scientific approach alone; becoming a skilled crystal healer requires you to have an understanding of both the physics and metaphysics of crystal energy. In this class you’ll learn how crystals work on an energetic & holistic level to heal the mind, body, and spirit. We’ll also cover foundational principles of crystal work like cleansing, charging, programming, crystal shapes, color, and more.


Class 3 - Tuning Into Subtle Energy

After you’ve mastered the crystal basics, it’s time for you to create a personal relationship with your stones. A good crystal healer needs to understand crystal energy and how it interacts with the human energy field, so whether you’re a super-sensitive empath who senses energy in everything, or you haven’t had much experience yet with sensing energy, you’ll learn how to tune into your stones intuitively. Once you’ve learned to tune into crystal energy, you’ll feel confident doing hands-on work just by following your own senses. In this class, you’ll learn exactly how to connect with the energy of any stone as well as how to share this experience with your clients, friends, and family, even with those who are skeptical about the healing power of crystals.


Class 4 - Developing Your Intuition with Crystals

Once you’ve developed the ability to tune into crystal energy, the next step to becoming a successful crystal healer is to develop your intuition. As a healer, you’ll need to learn to rely on your own intuition for layouts, grids, and other work with crystals, and this class will empower you to get started! I’ll teach you several different ways to deepen your connection to your intuition and how to trust it fully.


Class 5 - Crystal Chakra Healing

Chakra healing and balancing is one of the most in-demand services for crystal healing professionals! In this class, you’ll learn the basics of chakra energy as well as specific techniques for balancing the chakra system with gemstones. Because crystals help correct physical and emotional issues by addressing energetic imbalances, learning to heal and balance the chakras is one of the most important steps on your journey to becoming a Certified Crystal Healer. Learn expert-tested methods for recognizing and correcting energetic imbalances in the chakra system and how to incorporate your own intuitive guidance.


Class 6 - Crystal Healing & Layouts for the Body

This class dives into crystals and their interaction with the physical body. You’ll learn about the relationship between the physical and energetic bodies as well as aura healing and repair. This class will cover the ancient art of crystal layouts, expanding upon the step-by-step techniques taught throughout the program so far. Although each client and session are different, having a few standard layouts in your repertoire is handy for some of the more common client requests. This class will show you specific layout recipes for healing the physical body and internal organs.


Class 7 - Crystal Healing & Layouts for the Mind

In this class, we’ll continue our study of the ancient art of crystal healing and layouts while focusing on layouts for healing the mind. Clients often request crystal healing & support for emotional issues such a cord clearing, forgiveness, emotional release and more. In addition to layouts, you’ll also learn meditation techniques and additional exercises for emotional healing.


Class 8 - Crystal Healing & Layouts for the Spirit

In our third healing & layouts class, we’ll focus on useful techniques for healing the spirit. I’ll teach you how to work with crystals to promote enlightenment and spiritual growth for yourself and your clients, how to connect with spirit guides and higher consciousness, how to work with crystals in meditation, and more.


Class 9 - Creating Crystal Grids

Harnessing the power of crystal grids is one of the most powerful techniques for using crystals and stones. The use of crystal grids is continuously growing in popularity. Clients will often request the help of a trained professional in creating their own grids at home. Additionally, you can use crystal grids for yourself in all areas of your life (financial, emotional, spiritual, and more). You will learn to combine the energy of sacred geometry with the power of healing crystals for out of this world results! This class will give you all the tools you need to create your own crystal grids as well as providing some tried and true crystal grid recipes.


Class 10 - Becoming a Confident Crystal Healer

In this class, we’ll dive deep into how to perform crystal healing sessions on others with ease and confidence! I’ll teach you everything you need to know about setting up a crystal healing practice, including ethics & safety, creating your healing arts room, and how to successfully run a healing session. You’ll learn about how to prepare for a session, the healer’s role in any type of healing work, setting client boundaries, how to feel comfortable and confident charging for your sessions, client follow-up, and so much more.


Class 11 - Your Personal Crystal Journey

Now that you’ve mastered the concepts of crystal healing with clients, you’ll take a spiritual journey of pause & healing while you learn how to keep your personal connection to your crystals front and center along your path. In this class, you’ll create a personalized healing mandala to resonate with your own energies and the events of your own life– where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. You’ll evaluate several major areas of your life path and identify a stone to represent that part of yourself. Then you’ll pull all of these areas together in a stone mandala representative of yourself as you take the next steps on your crystal journey.

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Ashley Leavy is the Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy – an award-winning crystal healing school that teaches and certifies thousands of crystal students around the world each year.

With more than 10 years of professional work with crystals, Ashley has studied with some of the world’s leading crystal healers and was named ‘Most Popular Crystal Expert’ by Soul & Spirit Magazine.

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Finally know how and why your crystals work for healing (and be able to explain it to others with ease!). Gain the knowledge and confidence to choose stones for your own crystal layouts, grids, and more.


Learn to trust your intuition and inner guidance when working with your stones. Fully awaken your intuition with crystal self-care strategies so you can nurture yourself and be a better healer to others.


Receive an in-depth education and the confidence you need to provide transformative crystal healing for yourself or others. Master new skills to tailor your healing work to each individual, and become a part of the growing global crystal healing movement.


Learn to call in abundance from the universe with crystal grids, meditation and mindset work. Discover how to apply your new crystal knowledge as a part or full-time crystal healer, if you choose.

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“This program was honestly worth every penny! Best decision I’ve ever made, it truly changed my life! I would recommend this to anyone who is a believer in the power of crystals.”

~ Kara McIvor, CCH Program Graduate

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“I am blown away by how much I LOVE IT! The videos are professionally prepared and easy to follow…I feel like I have a degree in Geology after finishing the first class! Absolutely a 10.”

Jody Ben-David Baron, CCH Program Student