Discover How you can deepen your spiritual journey

& follow your Soul Calling with crystals

Dear Crystal Lover,

I’m guessing you’re here because you feel intuitively pulled to learn more about crystals…

Perhaps You Want To:

  • Deepen your spiritual practice & personal development
  • Fill the gaps in your crystal knowledge with trustworthy trainings
  • Gain the confidence you need to use crystal energy to help others
  • Do something for yourself that energizes you & transforms your life
  • Connect with others who share your passion for crystals & build lasting friendships in a supportive community

If you're ready to grow your crystal confidence, and finally answer your true Soul Calling...

You’re in the right place.

My name is Ashley Leavy and
I'm so glad you're here.

I'm the Founder & Director of the Love & Light School, a best-selling
author, speaker & international crystal instructor.

I created my Crystal Healing Certification Program and Advanced Crystal Practitioner Training to support you as you take the next steps on your crystal journey.

Looking back, I remember how overwhelming it was to wade through all of the crystal misinformation and conflicting methods being taught at that time.

I didn’t know which of these resources to trust when it came to working with my stones myself, and this kept me from fully answering my true calling with crystals.

I felt lost and confused about the ‘right way’ to connect with my crystals. But…

Deep down, I knew that
crystals were part of my soul’s purpose.

Maybe you can relate?

After completing my very first crystal training (more than 12 years ago now!), I was able to connect with my stones better than ever before, and I knew in my heart I was meant to help others do the same.

It’s my joy and privilege to invite you to join me in the CCH & ACP Programs, where together we can uncover your Soul Calling with crystals.

I look forward to seeing what unfolds for you through this transformational experience.

Introducing the

Crystal Healing Certification Program

+ Advanced Crystal Practitioner Training

Two award-winning online programs, designed to help you:

Learn both the science AND metaphysics of crystals

Develop your intuition with practical training & techniques

Gain the confidence to heal yourself and others through accredited and high-quality classes

Make life-long connections in an amazing global community of heart-centered crystal lovers

Learn from the World’s Leading Crystal Healing Expert

“Ashley Leavy has emerged as one of the top educators in the world of crystal healing. Her teaching style is simple and down-to-earth. Ashley puts her heart into her work, and her sincere love of the mineral kingdom always shines through.”

~ Nicholas Pearson, author of multiple best selling books including ‘The Seven Archetypal Stones’ & ‘Stones of the Goddess’.

Get All Your Questions Answered
With Highly Recommended Classes

“Ashley has extensive knowledge of crystals and their healing properties. She is an excellent teacher and goes above and beyond to answer questions and help you understand the healing powers of crystals. I highly recommend her classes.”

~ Kerrie Spencer, Love & Light School Graduate

Be Mentored By A Key Crystal Teacher Of Our Time

“I am blown away by how much I LOVE IT! The videos are professionally prepared and easy to follow…I feel like I have a degree in Geology after finishing the first class! Absolutely a 10.”

~ Jody Ben-David Baron, CCH & ACP Programs Graduate

My CCH Program & Advanced Crystal Practitioner Training will take you from
crystal newbie to a confident
Certified Crystal Healer!

So How Does It Work?

Enrollment for this intensive crystal immersion experience opens only twice per year.

21 Video
Year Round Live
Q + A Calls With Ashley
Lifetime Access To Our
Student Community
Access To All
Program Updates

You'll Get Access To These Crystal Masterclasses

Plus These Incredible Bonuses...

Crystal Identification
Bonus Class
How To Tell Crystal
Fakes Bonus Class
Crystal Grids for Study & Focus
Bonus e-Kit
Clearing Blockages with
Crystals Bonus e-Kit
Confidence for Crystal Healing
Bonus e-Kit
Following Your Intuitive
Guidance with Crystals
Bonus e-Kit

Get A FREE Crystal Kit (worth $75) Sent Right to Your Door When You Sign up Today!

This Crystal Immersion Kit of hand-selected stones will help you get fully aligned with your Intuition, Compassion, & Confidence as a crystal healer.

With a bonus grid recipe and video walk-through, you’ll create your own special grid to help you get the most out of your CCH & ACP experience!

You’ll get:

  • a specialty, custom wooden board
  • an extra-large Selenite wand for grid activation
  • 3x premium tumbled stones for boosting your Confidence
  • 3x premium tumbled stones for honing your Compassion
  • 3x premium tumbled stones for super-charging your Intuition
  • 3x premium tumbled stones for Unity & bringing it all together
  • a pouch to store your stones
  • a downloadable, digital guide to using your grid & crystals

Award-Winning Classes

The Love & Light School was voted “Best Spiritual Course/Workshop Provider” in the Soul & Spirit Magazine awards not once, but twice! Ashley has also won “Best Loved Crystal Expert”.

Internationally Accredited Curriculum

We’re accredited by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), the largest internationally recognized accreditation board for training providers worldwide.

By choosing to study with us, you can trust that this course meets the highest standards for excellence and integrity.

Study at the World’s Leading Crystal Healing School

Since the Love & Light School began (way back in 2010!) we’ve had over 4,000+ students from 63 different countries take our classes & programs.

This means we’ve got TONS of experience and expertise to help you learn about your stones in the very best way possible. Through our sought-after programs, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about working with crystal energy!

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join me Today

  • 11 Crystal Healing Classes — with videos, workbooks, slideshows, resource lists & more ($2600 VALUE)
  • 10 Advanced Crystal Practitioner Classes — with videos, workbooks, slideshows, resource lists & more ($2400 VALUE)
  • 8 LIVE Office Hour Calls with Ashley ($1000 VALUE)
  • Lifetime Access to monthly Crystal Coaching Calls with Ashley (PRICELESS!)
  • Weekly Oracle Card Readings throughout the programs ($300 VALUE)
  • Private Crystal Healing Student Group (PRICELESS!)
  • BONUS Crystal ID & How to Tell Crystal Fakes Classes ($250 VALUE)
  • 4 exclusive crystal healing e-kits — available only with this program! ($200 VALUE)
  • Tons of bonus crystal directories and guides ($350 VALUE)
  • Curated Crystal Reading Lists ($110 VALUE)
  • Unlimited student technical support (PRICELESS!)
  • FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to all future program updates! (PRICELESS!)

That’s more Crystal Coaching & Training than any other CCH Program out there!

Imagine What Your Life Could Be Like...

Go on a Journey of Self Discovery to uncover your Life Purpose

You know you’re meant for something more…

Reconnect with your spiritual path and your role in the Universe, by developing a deep connection with your crystals and the world around you.

Rediscover your sacred healing gifts and feel the bliss that comes from finding wholeness within.

Be Held in a Supportive Community as You Embody Your True, Authentic Self

It’s time to come out of the crystal closet!

In our safe, supportive community you’re free to be the REAL you.

As you embark on a journey of transformation through the CCH & ACP programs, your new, crystal-loving friends and classmates will be there to hold space and support you the whole way.

You’ll never feel alone on your spiritual journey again.

Explore the Deep Magic and Wisdom of the Universe

It’s FINALLY time to do something for yourself.

Embrace the magic and mysticism of the universe by working with your stones in meditation, ritual, healing layouts, and more.

Learn to awaken your intuition and listen to the messages the universe is whispering. When you connect with your inner voice, a whole new world of possibilities unfolds.

This is ALL Possible When You Say “YES” and Join Me Today

Enroll Now

Choose The Tuition Option That Works Best for You:

— Low Monthly —

9 monthly payments of $299(strikethrough)
Only $199 USD

— Best Value —

One payment of $2555(strike through)
Only $1555 USD
(SAVE $1236!)

Early Enrollment Ends In

“Worth every truly changed my life!"

“This program was honestly worth every penny! Best decision I’ve ever made, it truly changed my life!”

~ Kara McIvor, CCH Program Graduate

“This has been the best thing I’ve ever done!"

“My first thought was – could I afford this? I’d spent a lot of time checking out free videos and articles, but I still felt like something was missing. As I’ve gone through the classes, so much has started to make sense.

My life has already changed – this journey was meant to be!”

~ Donna Strantz Jansson, Love & Light CCH Graduate

Is This Course Right For You?

You’re here for a reason.

You have an inner knowing that you’re meant for MORE.

If you feel joy and excitement bubbling up inside you when you imagine your crystal-filled life ahead…

If you’re ready to connect deeply with your true self and find out who you really are…

If you want to feel SO confident with your stones that nothing can hold you back…

If you’re heart is saying “YES!”…

This program is right for you.

If you’ve read this far, your intuition is trying to tell you something.

Are you ready to listen to the whispers of your inner voice, and follow your Soul Calling with crystals?

Yes, I'm Ready!

Here's What Sets Our Program Apart

Taking our CCH + ACP Programs is a truly LIFE-ALTERING experience.

There are many ways to explore your passion for crystals, and it’s super important that you listen to your intuition when choosing the right school for you.

We feel confident in saying that our CCH & ACP Programs are the very best crystal trainings available. We know this because of the thousands of happy students who’ve come through our doors, and the daily positive feedback we get from our students and graduates!

We offer:

  • A balanced blend of science and metaphysics training, for a well-rounded and comprehensive crystal healing education
  • High-quality class videos with step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, so you gain the confidence that comes from working directly with your stones
  • TONS of support and hands-on help from Ashley!
    We won’t leave you with a substitute coach for your office hour calls — you’ll learn directly from Ashley every step of the way!
  • The most crystal classes and training available out of any other CCH Program out there — 21 deep-dive classes and over 35 hours of high-quality video lessons

We’ve been Featured In

Discover your true calling

“Words can’t describe how grateful I am for stumbling upon Ashley’s Crystal Healing Certification Program. I have learned so much about the amazing healing powers of crystals that it truly blows my mind. I haven’t been so sure of something being my true calling since I discovered Reiki. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Kara McIvor, CCH Program Graduate

Find your passion & start your crystal career

“Taking the CCH course was the best decision I’ve made. It gave me an unbelievable amount of knowledge, courage and support to embark on my professional career. Learning about crystals has changed my life in so many ways, I am so very grateful to have found Ashley’s wonderful course.”

– Marie Aydogan, CCH Program Graduate


Supplies Needed

We’ll talk about a lot of crystals throughout these programs. Like, a LOT.

You’ll build up your crystal collection over time, but you may like to have these on hand as you start your CCH & ACP trainings:

  • 2 sets of seven chakra stones (rough or tumbled) of the rainbow colors
  • A Quartz point wand or Selenite wand
  • A pendulum of your choice
  • 1 piece of Labradorite
  • 1 piece of  Rose Quartz
  • 1 piece of  Moonstone
  • 2 small Quartz crystal points
  • 8 double terminated Quartz crystals
  • 2 grounding crystals of your choice (Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz or Petrified Wood)
  • A crystal ball
  • A mineral hardness testing kit (we’ll let you know where you can get one)
  • A notebook and binder


  • A crystal themed oracle card deck
  • A pouch or box to store your crystals
  • Crystals for Energy Healing book by Ashley Leavy
  • A crystal geometry set

You absolutely don’t need to have all of these supplies to take the classes. But if you want to experiment with what you’ve learned it will be helpful to have some of these things on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Ashley will walk you through all 11 classes, start to finish, teaching you the “hows” and “whys” of crystal healing, with step-by-step instructions on performing crystal healing techniques.
We discuss tons of crystals and ways to use them during the classes. You do not need these stones to complete the classes, but it may be a good idea to have a crystal starter kit so that you are able to practice the techniques as they are presented. For your convenience, Ashley will send you a list of recommended stones that you can purchase at an affordable price, or you simply can choose the stones you want most from the provided list. Part of what she teaches in these classes is to use your intuition so that you’re able to substitute crystals/techniques/layouts as needed (in order to fit your purpose/intention, your available stone selection, and your budget). To perform all of the techniques we discuss in class, you’ll need more supplies than this, but all of these healing crystals can be gathered and acquired over time.

We’ll go through the core curriculum together over the course of 11 weeks. You’ll receive guided emails to let you know exactly what you need to be doing, and what’s coming up next. You can take as long as you’d like to complete the course.
Once you’re enrolled, you will have lifetime access to our class materials — there’s NO official time limit for completing your classes. So if you’d prefer, you may take your time to implement the information and techniques presented.
There will be one exam for each class of the program. They are open-book and don’t have a time limit for completion. If you don’t receive a passing score (75% or higher) on your exam, you’ll have another chance to pass your exam, whenever you’d like. If you’re still unable to pass your exam, your instructor will work with you to clarify any information and prepare you for your next attempt. In all of our years offering classes, we have only had 1 student not pass an exam on the second attempt and after receiving some one on one coaching, the student aced it.

Ashley is very hands on with her students, and frequently pops into the Facebook group to check in and answer questions. You’ll also receive email support, and Ashley prides herself on replying personally to the large majority of student emails. You’ll also get lifetime access to monthly office hour calls throughout the course, and monthly Q+A crystal calls with Ashley in the student group, so you can get the help and guidance you need ongoing.

The in-depth, robust education you’ll get from this program can’t be beat. The techniques that are shared have been tested by Ashley and thousands of other students. Plus, you’ll have Ashley, a crystal expert, here to give you advice and support in an intimate group setting…this goes SO much deeper than what you can learn from a book. This is about making crystals experiential and really integrating them into your daily life. She’ll show you how, while guiding you through each lesson in the program. Ashley promises to deliver quality content in a way that will engage you and reinforce what you’ve learned.

Classes are all held online and can be attended by anyone, from anywhere in the world. You’ll get instant access to your first class as soon as you sign up, and the next live round of the program will begin on Monday, September 16th, 2019. Ashley will hold four live calls throughout live the program to discuss what you learned in your classes. The classes themselves have been pre-recorded, so you can tune in any time without having to worry about scheduling. If you can’t attend the live office hour calls, you can send your questions in ahead of time. These live sessions will then be recorded and available for you to download later.

Like all other Love & Light School courses, you get lifetime access to the Program and can move through the materials at your own pace.
However, the CCH Program is designed to be completed in 11 weeks, and you’ll need to devote 2 – 5 hours per week to complete the material within the 11-week timeframe. On Mondays, you will get class your materials, and then there will also be monthly live office hours calls that will be recorded if you’re unable to attend live.

Enrolling in this program means you’re making an investment in yourself, so be sure that you’re ready to welcome more prosperity, new opportunities, and spiritual fulfillment into your life! We do not offer refunds for this program, but we know if you follow through and do the work that’s involved, you’ll love it!

No, you don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to take these online classes. We welcome students from all over the world! You’ll have to check on the requirements/laws/regulations for your specific location to see if the program meets the crystal healing practitioner requirements of your local government. You should be able to get the information from your equivalent department of regulations and licensing. Although we work to stay current on laws and regulations affecting our classes and programs of study and how these may relate to our students and alumni, we’re unable to consistently monitor such laws and regulations in all areas. Please review our Policies and Procedures for more information.

Yes. You can sign up for the CCH + ACP Programs and make 9 monthly payments of just $199/mo. Select the payment plan option during checkout, and we’ll handle the rest! When you sign up with a payment plan, please be aware that you will be entering into a legal contract with the Love & Light School to complete your payments in full and on time. You’re making an agreement with yourself and with us to invest in this course, and you won’t be able to cancel your plan at any time. You will, however, be able to make lump sum payments if you wish to finish your plan early.

If you’re even thinking about taking this program, you’re ready.
The desire to become a crystal healer is already within you – you just need a little encouragement to bring your skills & confidence to the surface!
The CCH Program won’t be offered again until 2020, so now is the time to dive right in and finally connect with your crystals in a deeper way.

Yes. We cover this in depth in class #1. You’ll be able to adapt the short summary I provide in class when explaining this to others. We do use science to set the stage, so to speak, for the rest of the work that we do in the program, but it’s not the primary focus of our program. This program is a blend of both science AND spirituality together. That being said you will DEFINITELY still get a great understanding of how it all works and be able to pass along that knowledge to clients.

Online Crystal Classes with a Personal Touch

“I have taken other crystal courses but feel Ashley’s personal touch sets her apart from others. She makes a personal connection with her students that makes them feel like they are the only student she is working with. I am always impressed with her enthusiasm for her area of practice and willingness to personally answer her students’ questions.”

– Brenda Johnson, CCH Program Graduate

Take Valuable Classes Full of Energy and Love

“The amount of energy and effort and love that is put into these classes – there is no money that would compare with that. Ashley is encyclopedic. She is so sweet and loving and welcomes everyone in.”

– Nancy Hofeditz Johnson, CCH Program Graduate

A Personal Note From Ashley...

I created my CCH & ACP Programs to give you the absolute BEST crystal healing training possible. I want to see you become a CONFIDENT crystal healer, and follow your passion and purpose with crystals.

I’m so excited for you to TRUST your intuition and take the next step on your Soul Path by joining me in this course.

I can’t wait to see what transformations are in store for you!

Understanding the Science of Crystals

Knowing HOW crystals work scientifically (we’re talking physics, geology, and more) will give you the foundation to understand the healing energy of crystals and will set the groundwork for your crystal healing practice.