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Over the past 14 years I’ve trained and mentored more than 4,800 crystal healers in 65 countries and counting. It would be my honor to guide you on your own crystal journey, and help you become the compassionate, intuitive and empowered crystal healer you know you truly are.

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“Dear group, I just wanted to share here that I have completed the Crystal Healing Certification Program and I am so happy and proud of this achievement! I want to thank my dear teacher and my mentor Ashley Leavy for this most informative course! Thank you for sharing sacred knowledge and thank you for your guidance Ashley! I have learned so much! The knowledge I have received through our classes and your YouTube videos really helped me with my personal healing and my personal growth. ✨✨ I have already started on my Advanced Crystal Practitioner Certification Program. Wow! I am so happy to dive even deeper into this journey through advanced crystal healing skills and techniques and become a crystal master! 🙏💙✨✨✨”

~ Elena Fuller

“OMG I did it!!! It’s official ~ I am an Advanced Crystal Practitioner!

😱💎🙌💗🙋‍♀️💯❗❗ Thank you so much Ashley Leavy for giving me the opportunity to take the next step to making my dreams come true! I now have the knowledge, wisdom and most importantly the confidence to continue on this journey! I am forever grateful to you and your team! 💜”

~ Dawn Marie

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