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My name is Jade. I started my crystal business about two years ago after a little bit of a health scare, and that’s where I found the world of crystals and energy healing and really found the support and that the healing that I needed, and I found extreme, not only emotional balance, but physical balance. And finally I was able to start living a regular life again. That’s where kind of my inspiration, where my story started. Just really having this passion to share. Healing doesn’t always have to come from others. It can come from within. Sometimes once upon a time, it was woowoo in my mind. Like I, I was definitely that person who was like, okay, grab what crystals you need, like whatever floats your boat. And now I’m like, yeah, grab what crystals you need. So what I do with my business is I create these little things that I call crystal catchers. So I’ve had this beautiful experience of been able to share crystals in a way, um, where I can be an all-in-one, somebody tells me their intention, I’m looking to bring in love, or I’m looking, looking to bring in, um, business success. So then I work in that and I, uh, create on that. I also do crystal healing and I also do reiki. I am level two working on my level three. So I offer healing and that is where I really shine. Self-care is step one on any healing path. That’s one of my favorite things about being a healer is just watching that, that growth. If all I can do is turn on a light for somebody to welcome them home, oh my gosh, that is what I would love to do. So once I realized that that’s what I wanted to do, I realized that I needed to have kind of, um, I needed to have information, I needed to have the knowledge, I needed to have the, the experience. And I needed to have the confidence as well to be able to move forward with that. Because if I wanted to share those things, it couldn’t have just been things I pulled out of the air. It needed to be something real and something like, yeah, I would love to help you and this is how I can help you. Here are some resources. Whatever calls to you, try it out and what doesn’t? You can leave it. That’s okay. I decided that I wanted to learn from this specific author, and I was super, super excited and I ended up investing a little bit of money and quite a bit of money into a course, and I was so, so excited for it. I did learn some things, but to be quite honest with you, I did not feel confident about talking about crystals afterwards. I did not feel confident about posting a healing session or even talking to my family about it. It was still too metaphysical and there wasn’t a lot of, um, science-based stuff, factual-based stuff that I could actually reference to, to people who were questioning what I was doing. That’s what was really going to make or break my confidence was all these people constantly coming to me and trying to question me and, um, test me and test my knowledge. There was a point where, like I said, I tried to educate myself and when it didn’t work out to the point where I wanted it to, I felt really devastated. About three months later, I’m doing more research because I’m doing, I’m reading all these books. I’m reading all these three things, trying to self-teach because I’d gone through a teacher and it didn’t work out. I had gone through this one article that referenced your toxic list. It’s so extensive and there’s so much information in it that I was like, how is this free? I realized right then and there that I had shot myself in the foot and that I should have taken your course right away. When I saw that you were doing your signup again, you, you were enrolling again. I had it on two calendars and then the day that enrollment happened, I jumped on it like this because I just was so done with wasting my time trying to find knowledge that you had, understanding what the investment was, was that I was going to be not only receiving all this knowledge, but I was gonna be receiving all this confidence. This journey of healing has helped me physically, emotionally, mentally, but it’s also helped me with in business aspects. So for me, I was like, Ooh, I could help heal people. So I had two, two motives. I think one of the really cool things too about your program specifically was the actual like accreditation, the certificate like that part. because again, the other course that I took, I found out later on that it didn’t really mean anything, which was really disappointing. So each, each course, each class, you don’t just go at it with one perspective, and that’s one of the things that I really, really love. Try what resonates with you, and if it doesn’t, that’s okay, but at least you know that this is here for you. You don’t talk just about crystal healing. We go into crystal grids, crystal elixirs. We go into so many different things. I love how inclusive you are. I think that you really keep everybody in mind and I enjoy making sure everybody feels loved and safe and comfortable, um, in a place that they can learn and thrive. So that is another really big thing that I loved about not only the course, but about the community. Go in, do a little inward journeying and ask yourself, what is it that you’re on the fence about? Is it, is it the money? Is it the content? Is it the community? And really land on what it is that you’re, you’re what that’s stopping you. Once you figure that out, find out if that is the the thing that you want to conquer today or this year because you can do it. This is super incredible. It’s super worth it. Don’t waste time. You only have so much time. And if this is something you’re passionate about, and if this is something that you have thought about more than three times, you’re not on the fence, you’re over here. Just know that you’re gonna have a wonderful community behind you if you do jump in. I have learned not only so much about crystals, but I’ve learned so much about myself, about energy healing and just how to be a little bit more compassionate towards people. I would scream it from the rooftops. Truly, it was incredible.

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