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Create a Successful and Profitable Sacred Business No Matter Where Your Spiritual Passion Lies...

Although this course is put in the context of crystal healing, these tested tips can be used by any heart-centered entrepreneur or spiritual-based business owner, including:

The Spiritual Business Bootcamp will give you powerful strategies for every type and stage of business… whether you’re starting your first healing practice, or are transforming your existing practice into one that’s more successful.

Get the Tools You Need to Create a THRIVING Sacred Business

Listen to your inner guidance and allow your heart to be your compass when building your business

Receive transformative solutions to overcome your obstacles and other blocks to success

Leverage the Law of Attraction to manifest what you need & use space clearing practices to stay free of negativity
Approach your marketing from an authentic, heart-centered place rather than feeling sleazy about selling your products and service
Create a supportive network to provide accountability, and encourage you to reach for your dreams

Here's What You'll Learn

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Class 1 - Your Sacred Business Vision

Getting clarity about your business idea is one of the most important things you can do, but jumping right in can be intimidating. By starting out with an understanding of why you do what you do, what your ultimate goals are, and what’s most important to you, you can get some clarity, have major idea breakthroughs, and learn to think creatively in your sacred business.

Class 2 - Planning Your Sacred Business

Most businesses start out with a dream and an inspiration, but that is where it ends. Even the most innovative businesses can wind up closing their doors because a good action plan and a focused timeline were not in place at conception. Having a plan allows you to avoid common pitfalls, gives you an action plan to implement toward creating success, and helps you build confidence by becoming an expert in your industry. There are various styles of business plans that you can use to gain clarity about your business and choosing the right plan to meet your needs is the first step toward sacred business success.

Class 3 - Your Sacred Offerings (Products & Services)

Getting clarity about what products and services you’ll offer is the most important (and most overlooked!) part of adding new offerings to your business. Most healers dive right into their new offering without truly considering how it will help them grow their business. When you have the tools to map out your offerings through the customer journey and understand what your clients want and need from you, you’ll be sure to make strategic offers that delight your customers and grow your business quickly.

Class 4 - Creating Your Tribe (Customers & Community)

In your sacred business, you need to truly understand your customer and what they want and need. As a healer or spiritual business owner, this will likely come quite naturally to you. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about how you can genuinely be of service to them. Understanding who your ideal customer is, what they value, and what they’re struggling with will help you with everything in your sacred business from choosing your offerings, to positioning your products, to crafting your heart-centered marketing message.

Class 5 - Business Growth Mindset

Your mindset is the mental attitude you adopt which dictates how you react and respond to situations. Why is it important? Your mindset determines your success in your sacred business. By cultivating the right mindset, learning to trust your inner guidance, removing self-limiting beliefs, and holding an attitude of gratitude, you can create success in all areas of your life.

Class 6 - Sacred Abundance (Money & Finance)

As a spiritual business owner, thinking about money and finances may make you uncomfortable. After all, you got into business to help people and make a difference in the world, and dealing with money seems like a low vibe thing to spend time on. It’s time to shift that mindset! You can’t do the work you’re here to do and share you’re amazing gifts if your business isn’t financially successful. Although there are many measures of success, the ability to manage money is what actually keeps your doors open, so it’s not to be overlooked or ignored.

Class 7 - Sacred Business Start Up

Starting a business can be fun and exciting, but it can also be scary and confusing. There are many things you need to know before launching a new business, because without a clear path ahead, overwhelm can stop you in your tracks. This lesson will give you clarity about the step-by-step actions you need to take to start your business out on a solid foundation.

Class 8 - Business Systems & Operations

Creating systems and a set of standard operating procedures for your business gives you a quick reference guide to every important thing in your business, right at your fingertips. It also creates a standard for the way in which things are done in your business and streamlines your tasks, which saves you time and makes your day easier. Creating systems helps you grow your business and even scale to a larger company because your tasks can be easily delegated to others as you hire and train new employees.

Class 9 - Self-Care (Lifestyle Tips for Sacred Business Owners)

Running a sacred business is like nothing else – as a spiritual entrepreneur, you need to know when to ditch the hustle and turn inward. This lesson is all about discovering balance and remaining within the universal flow so you don’t burn out. Implementing some simple self-care exercises into your weekly work routine will keep you energized, motivated, and in alignment.

Class 10 - Heart-Centered Marketing

The problem with the traditional way of marketing a healing practice is that there’s a disconnect between the deeply personal, compassionate work that’s done and trying to sell your services. Let’s face it…most healers aren’t natural salespeople…and marketing can even seem to be in direct opposition to the service they want to share with their clients. Instead of “ selling ” to your clients, you should focus on serving them instead. With a heart-centered marketing strategy, you’ll focus on building a solid relationship with your clients before you ever ask for them to purchase from you.

Class 11 - Your Online Presence

Your online presence is the easiest and most cost-effective way find new clients and build relationships with them. From your website, to your email communication, to your social media pages, the world wide web give you unlimited opportunities to promote your business while connecting with real people who are a match to your ideal customer.

Class 12 - Networking & Sacred Partnerships

A good way to grow your business is to build your professional network. You need to take your business out into the world and connect with people to expand your reach and open the door for new opportunities. The next step is to create an action plan for how you can create positive partnerships with the people you meet. This includes your colleagues, business coach, employees, and more. As a spiritual business owner, you’ll learn how to be of service to these amazing people and watch the energy exchange naturally unfold as they help lift up your business in return.

Sacred Business Guidance that Will Provide You with a LIFETIME of Solid Advice.

This program is founded on my personal experience of building a successful crystal healing practice, as well as owning and operating my own brick-and-mortar metaphysical store.

I’ll show you how to implement simple action steps in your business to help you get where you want to be, while sharing your gifts with the world.

With intimate live group coaching sessions every month, you’ll be able to get answers to your burning business and marketing questions – as well as learn from others in the group.

Whether You're Just Starting Out, or You Already Have a Healing Arts Practice, My Sacred Business Success Blueprint Will Help You...

  • Discover your business mission and confidently communicate with your customers
  • Systematize your business to be more productive & have MORE TIME in your day
  • Develop a gratitude mindset so you can overcome fear & feelings of competition
  • Tailor your marketing message to communicate your values to your dream clients
  • Showcase your business vision & share it with the world – right from the heart
  • Educate your clients about your services to keep them coming back again and again
  • Shift your money mindset & start accepting abundance from the Universe
  • Schedule self-care time into your work week so you stay balanced & don’t burn out


Who Is This For?

Crystal Lovers who are interested in learning how to use their healing stones for crystal layouts, grids, spiritual growth and more.

Who Is This For?

Wellness professionals who want everything from the CCH Program, plus deep-dive sacred business coaching for a thriving healing career.
& MORE ($2600 VALUE)
($110 VALUE)
($1800 VALUE)
($120 VALUE)
($300 VALUE)
($1480 VALUE)


Only $997!
OR 6 Monthly Payments of $197


Only $997!
OR 6 Monthly Payments of $197

Here's Why I Created the Spiritual Business Bootcamp Program...

I'm confident that this course will transform your business – and pay for itself – many times over.

The Spiritual Business Bootcamp is a safe space to share and be heard about your struggles or challenges in your business… but more than that, it’s a place where you’ll receive transformative solutions to overcome these obstacles.

This isn’t just about making your business look good on the outside (through social media alone, like in similar programs). It’s about helping more people and sharing your gifts with the world. Because – while business certainly has an online component – I know from experience that real life connections are the true key to your success as a crystal healer.

Student Case Studies

Change Your Life & Find New Opportunities

“Thank you so much for everything!! Finding Love & Light truly has changed my life. It has amped up my energy work in ways I never thought it could! I have learned so much, and it makes energy healing just that much more exciting. I’m being presented with opportunities to heal others in ways I didn’t think I could, and had they come to me before taking the classes I would have never been confident enough to take them on. So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Kara McIvor The Healer’s Spot

Get Client Referrals for Your Spiritual Business

“After I received my certification, I jumped right in. I have workshops scheduled at local wellness centers and crystal shops to get new clients. And I have been getting great referrals from friends and family for whom I gifted healing sessions. This has been a fabulous addition to my spiritually-based business!

Li Saul INcentralism

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