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Developing your intuition

Ashley Leavy: Hello. Welcome to Love & Lights CCH Prep School. This video training is a mini-series based on the 3 core principles of our Crystal Immersion Method. We know that developing these 3 key areas is important for all success of Crystal healers. Intuition, compassion, and confidence all play a role in creating a strong foundation for your work as a healer.

Each part in this free mini-series focuses on 1 of these 3 pillars to help you prepare for your journey ahead. I’m Ashley Leavy, the founder and Educational Director of the School, as well as your Crystal Healing Instructor.

It’s my hope that this video training helps you recognize your strengths, develop your healing skills, and step fully into your passion for crystals. So, let’s get started and dive into our first training all about intuition.

Developing your intuition is the first pillar that you need to master in order to deepen your connection to your crystals and to the world around you.

When you’re tuned in intuitively, you receive the messages the universe has for you and you can act upon that guidance. Learning to listen to your intuition is the first step to be a better, more effective healer.

Your intuition is an important tool for navigating the waters of life. Whether it’s for decision-making, in your healing work, or just trusting your gut. In a given situation, your intuition and psychic abilities play a huge role in how you interact with the universe.

By developing your intuition, you’re learning to trust your inner guidance. Now, take it from me, trusting your internal compass can take some getting used to. But it’s an invaluable tool when it comes to solving problems or making difficult decisions.

Think of the times in your life when maybe you’ve had all your rational mind to control your decision-making process. Only later to realize that you should have trusted your initial gut reaction.

The reason for this is that your mind can’t calculate every possible outcome in a situation. And frequently, your intuition is actually helping to bridge the gaps and fill in your knowledge where your rational mind lacks the information necessary to make the best possible decision.

Now, I’m not saying that you should just follow your intuition without a second thought. But learning to trust this inner guidance and combining that insight with reason and logic is far more practical than the following logic alone.

Intuition and psychic development are also really important assets in relation to energy healing and crystal healing work. When you’re working with cell energy during the healing session, you can often gather more information about how to proceed by reaching out with your senses and allowing your psychic skills to provide you with additional information.

Psychic skills like clairvoyants, clairaudients, and clairsentience are an important part of the work that’s performed by many healers and energy workers. And developing these skills will allow you to become a better and more effective healer.

So, by tuning in to your innate psychic abilities in gifts and actually trusting your intuition, you’ll be better able to serve your clients. So by now, you might be wondering, how do I actually start tuning in to my intuition?

Well, it all starts with intention. This is a huge key here. By setting your intention to open yourself up to your intuition, you begin to process and crystals can help you do this. One of the simplest ways to get started is to program a clear quartz crystal with the intention to age you on your journey to intuitive development.

So you want to start with a clear quartz crystal, make sure that this is cleansed, a point works great. Hold your crystal in your hands and ask for guidance in creating an intention or affirmations statement.

The statement might be something as simple as “I’m open to receiving the innate gifts from my psychic awareness” or it can be something really specific that you’d like some assistance with such as “my clairvoyant abilities are highly developed and I’m able to use my psychic sight with ease and accuracy.” Just make it specific to you.

So take your time and allow your crystal to help guide your words in the right direction. Now, once you’ve decided upon an intention statement, I want you to hold the termination, that’s the point of the crystal against your third eye and ask the crystal to work with you while you’re developing your intuition.

Repeat your affirmation aloud or silently to yourself a few times until you feel really grounded in its energy. And then, just keep your special crystal with you when you’re doing any type of psychic work to enhance the energy and information that’s coming through for you.

Another important step that you can take to develop your inner guidance is to clear away any energetic clutter or psychic debris that may be blocking your ability to receive and interpret messages from the universe.

One of the quickest, simplest, and most powerful methods for this uses just 1 crystal and that’s Selenite. Begin by holding the selenite wand in your dominant hand, that’s you’re sending hand or the hand that you write with, and use the wand to sweep away any negative or unwanted energy out of your field.

By just holding it like a comb and making long strokes through your aura, from your head down toward your toes. And while you perform this sweeping action with your crystal, hold the intention to remove any energy that’s not for your highest good.

So you want to repeat this motion on the front, the back, and the sides of your body, until all excess and unwanted energy has been cleared from your field.


Now, you’ve made a commitment to open up to intuitive messages and you’ve cleared out any excess energy that might be cluttering out your intuitive connection to the universe, it’s time to supercharge your intuition with a crystal layout.

Crystal layout may be simple or complex. But they involve placing healing stones on and around the body to create a shift in energy that results in a specific desired outcome.

In this case, we’ll be using a crystal layout to open and awaken the tenderl[?] that’s responsible for our intuitive abilities. And we’ll do this in a really gentle but very effective way.

So, in this layout, we’re going to be using Amethyst, Blue Apatite, and Azurite. Let’s pause here for just a moment because I want to address something that you may be wondering about. What if you don’t have the right stones?

Here’s the thing. Recipes for things like crystal grids and layouts are fantastic. But they may not always be practical depending on which crystals you actually have in your tool kit. So, what do you do if you don’t have the right crystals? You use your intuition of course.

Recipes like this are great because they really help you create a foundation or jumping out point for your own creativity and intuitive insight when it comes to your crystal work. But ultimately, it’s up to you as a healer to make adjustments using your intuition and the stones that you have available.

This is an opportunity to really challenge yourself and trust your inner guidance to make substitutions, omissions, or additions as you see fit. For example, this layout uses 4 Blue Apatite stones, an Amethyst, and an Azurite.

If you don’t have these available, maybe you want to swap out the Blue Apatite for something like Blue Kyanite or some rainbow moonstone. Both of which are great for intuition and third eye work.

Or perhaps you have just 3 Blue Apatite stones instead of 4. So maybe you want to create a triangle shape rather than the diamond that we’ll be creating in this layout.

Your intuition is the most important asset that you have as a healer. And as long as you’re listening to your inner guidance, you really can’t go wrong. You just need to get comfortable trusting in yourself. And if you don’t like the way something’s working out, you can always make changes as you go.

Now, back to our crystal layouts. You’ll start by placing an Amethyst crystal directly over your third eye. This is between your eyebrows and just above them right at the center of your forehead. Just above this, you’ll place an Azurite stone and I love working with these little nodules sometimes called Azurite Blueberries for this.

Finally, you’ll surround the 2 center stones with 4 Blue Apatite crystals on and between the brows just about the bridge of the nose. One center at the hairline aligned with the third eye stone and 2 more, 1 on either side of the third eye stone.

If you have trouble placing the stones on yourself, you might want to try placing them on a photograph of you instead. Or work with the stones more like a crystal grid rather than a layout. And we’ll be talking even more about crystal grids in CCH Prep School Lesson 3.

Once the stones are in place, close your eyes and just breathe in this energy. Feel the energy pull at the third eye center gently opening it and allowing it to welcome messages from the universe.

Let the crystals do their work for about 10-15 minutes and then remove the stones. You can repeat this anytime you feel like you need a little intuitive boost as little as once per year or as often as once per week.

Now, I want to touch on something important here. Developing your intuition is never ever about having all the answers. And in fact, a highly-developed sense of intuition can openly view with more questions than you had before. But this is ultimately a good thing.

Your intuition should always lead you to ask more questions. Think about things deeper and explore your connection to the world around you. Personally, I don’t want all the answers. I want more questions. I want to keep exploring. So, let’s do a quick recap of everything we talked about today.

In this video, you learned why developing and learning to trust your intuition is so important. How to work with crystals to setting an intention for intuitive development. How to remove excess energy that may be blocking important messages and information from getting through to you. And how to supercharge your third eye so that you can more easily tune in to the world around you?

Congratulations. You’re now on your way to mastering the first pillar in Love & Lights Crystal Immersion Method. In the next video, we’ll be tackling the second pillar which is compassion. I look forward to seeing you then. Until next time, I’m Ashley Leavy of the Love & Lights School of Crystal Therapy and Crystal Blessings[?].

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