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Cultivating Compassion

Ashley Leavy: Hello, and welcome to the Love and Light School CCH Prep School. All about the three core pillars of our Crystal Immersion Method. In the last video, we talked about the first pillar “Intuition”, and how to more fully develop and recognize your intuitive abilities when working with crystal energy.

Today will be diving into pillar number two “Compassion”. Chances are if you’re here watching this video right now, it’s because you’re a heart-centered healer who loves crystals. You may be an empath, a lightworker, or a newbie just figuring out why you feel called to be of service and work with your crystals in a deeper way.

Although, each of us has likely taken a different path to lead us to this road of becoming a healer, what we all have in common is that we’re likely very compassionate people.

I’m Ashley Leavy of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. And holding compassion for yourself and others is the second pillar in our Crystal Immersion Method. This is where you step up your game as a healer by learning to truly be of service to others while still taking good care of yourself, and that’s the key.

This pillar is all about empowering others to take charge of their own healing and supporting them on their journey at the same time while prioritizing your self-care in healing.

And today’s mini-class, I’ll be sharing a crystal meditation method for opening your heart and connecting with others. While at the same time, setting boundaries and keeping yourself and your energy protected.

For today’s lesson, I want you to choose a crystal, using your intuition. That’s right. I want to encourage you to explore what we talked about in our last class together. And there’s no right or wrong choice here. So just maybe close your eyes, tune into your heart center, and choose a crystal that speaks to you.

It may make you feel joyful or warm, loving, nurturing, supportive, anything that really awakens your heart space is a perfect choice. If you need to pause this video and come back to it once you’ve chosen it, that’s just fine. Take your time and choose a compassion stone that really resonates with you.

Now, once you have your crystal, I want you to hold it in your hands and make yourself comfortable. So maybe close your eyes, take a few deep cleansing breaths, inhale, and exhale. And then, bring your hands up to your heart area and hold your crystal over your heart center.

Now, I want you to take a few deep breaths and really visualize the energy of the stone, begin to pull around your heart chakra. Now, with each breath you take, I want you to see and feel this energy expanding, growing larger with each breath. And take a moment to think about your work as a healer.

What has led you to do this work? Why do you feel called to work with crystals in a healing capacity? And why do you feel called to be of service to others and inspire them to create positive change in their lives?

I want you to think about your hope or your vision for yourself, and the change that you’d like to help create in this world. And just allow any of these thoughts about your soul journey to flow through your mind. And this might be really specific, like wanting to help one really special person or they can be big beautiful dreams that you have for yourself and the work that you’d like to do in the world.

So take a moment and really focus all on those thoughts, allow this energy to fill you up, and really live that experience for a few moments. So, holding that stone over your heart, breathe in, and breathe out.

And now, I want you to picture in your mind’s eye, the earth itself and see all of the people, animals, even specific places that you’d like to help with your healing work. And feel the energy from your special hearthstone growing and expanding and turning into a soft pink light. And visualize sending this pink light to the earth.

And see all of those beans that you wish to help surrounded in this pink light of compassion. And remember that you’re not giving of your own energy here. You’re simply directing the energy from your crystal and amplifying it with your intention.

Feel your heart center gently open and expand as you move into alignment with this compassionate energy. Take a few more deep breaths in and out, in and out. And then, raise your hearthstone above your head, and give thanks for its assistance in your healing work.

When you’re ready, bring your hands back down to a comfortable position in your lap, slowly open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and your toes and come back to present moment awareness. So, take a moment and really check in with yourself. How did that feel? Do you feel that you were able to connect with your crystal? Where you’re able to tap into that place of compassion as a healer?

And we each connect to our crystals in different ways. So, if you had trouble seeing or feeling things during that mini-meditation, I want you to know that’s okay. We all have different gifts and different abilities when it comes to our crystal work. And some of these come more naturally to some people than they do to others. And it doesn’t make you any less amazing at the work that you’ll be doing with your crystals.

People who are naturally clairvoyant may, for example, visualize something with ease but they could have difficulty sensing or feeling the energy of their zones[?]. Whereas those who are clairsentient might feel the energy of their crystals to have a harder time hearing intuitive messages from the universe.

Working with your crystals is so subjective, and it’ll be different for everyone. So, don’t get hung up on comparing your experience to that of others. And if you do have trouble in one or more of these areas, the good news is, that you can take some further steps to develop these skills. And this is exactly the kind of thing I teach in my upcoming Crystal Healing Certification Program.

For example, if you had trouble sensing or feeling crystal energy, you can try drawing small circles of energy in the palm of your receiving hand, that’s your non-dominant hand with your crystal. So practice it a few times a day to develop your hand sensitivity. Chances are, if you just tried that right now, you can feel what I’m talking about.

You can also try warming up your palm chakras like rubbing your hands together really briskly. This kind of activates and awakens that sensitivity. Now, if you have trouble with visualization, you can take a moment and look at your stone and as much detail as possible, close your eyes and try and picture that crystal, every little crevice.

Now, repeat this process a few times over and over to kind of be able to visualize that. Now, once you can really picture this crystal, repeat it with another stone and you’ll find that your visualization becomes much easier after you have some practice.

Developing skills like these is like flexing a muscle. If we haven’t worked out in a while, it feels really hard at first. But with practice, it becomes much, much easier.

That’s it for pillar number two. You’re now on your way to tapping into your natural power as a healer, the power of compassion.

The next video will be tackling the third and final pillar in our Crystal Immersion Method, “Confidence”. I look forward to seeing you then. Until next time. I’m Ashley Leavy of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy Crystal Blessings.


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